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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Supporting (Not Assisting) Independent Living Seniors

My mother is struggling to complete a few tasks by herself but is otherwise very independent. I'm afraid she may become dependent if I place her in an assisted living setting. How will Resthaven promote and maintain her independence? Sincerely,

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Advice From a Certified Geriatrician

madelin krissof, certified geriatrician standing in front of window smiling

I feel I have outgrown my physician as my health needs have changed. I'm worried about finding a physician who understands my questions and concerns as I age. I want to be proactive when it comes to memory loss and

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“Knowing More About Dementia”

September 29, 2015      Various times      Cook Chapel at 280 West 40th St. Two media presentations that demonstrate the journey of dementia. 9:00 am      Stages of Dementia                       3:30 pm      Music & Memory 11:00 am     Music & Memory                            6:00 pm     

“Ask the Experts”

September 22, 2015      4:00 – 7:00 pm      Cook Chapel at 280 West 40th St. Resthaven Team of Dementia Care Coordinators The Dementia Team will staff a series of information booths to answer specific questions about dementia, its symptoms and how